FIRST Robotics Team “12 Volt Bolt” is composed of FRC (First Robotics Competition) Team 1557 and FTC (FIRST Tech Challenge) Team 5012. Our clubhouse is located in downtown Eustis, Florida. We have members from Lake County Schools such as Mt. Dora High, Tavares High, Mt. Dora Bible, and homeschooled students.

We have been an FRC team since 2004; however, we have been competing in FRC since 2005, and our rookie year for FTC Competition was 2011. 12 Volt Bolt is made up of several sub-teams, including mechanical, electrical, programming, website management, awards, marketing design, public relations, and outreach. In addition to building robots, we also have a strong community presence! 12 Volt Bolt participates in events such as the Mt. Dora Fourth of July Parade, the Triangle Elementary Science Fair, and the Eustis Street Fest.

“We’re N.U.T.S.”
“Neighbors Uniting Together For Science”

2011 FIRST Robotics Competition group photo from Tempest in Tampa

Our Mission Statement:

FIRST Teams 1557 and 5012 are inclusive organizations made up of students and mentors from throughout Lake County, Florida. We promote science and technology while developing vital life, career, and leadership skills. We not only build robots, but also relationships. We spread FIRST’s vision throughout our community, and we ensure a stronger foundation for the future.