Build Season | Week 3

This past week mechanical has made great progress on the robot. While, programming has completed almost all of the code needed for the robot.


This past week programming has completed the code for ramp down firing.   They have also finished the code for ramp up driving.  Along with that, they have made some progress on automatic gear shifting (Last year driver would have to manually shift gears.)  One last major thing they have worked on is code using RoboRealm. RoboRealm is a vision processing software. We plan to use this to help the drivers align themselves when firing.


As was stated previously, mechanical has made major progress. First off, they have abandoned the double-staged shooting, as they have decided that a simpler firing mechanism is better.  Their main accomplishment last week was constructing a robot frame. They have mounted various objects onto the robot frame. They mounted the firing arm, vacuum arm, and other various components.

Also, the robot is able to fire into the high goal!


Electrical has finished  constructing a mock-up electrical board. After doing that, they started on making the real electrical board to mount onto the robot.


As a side note, PR has made major progress on the Chairman’s Award submission. So, hats off to them!


Build Season | Week 1 & 2

This year, we are playing Aerial Assist.  Aerial Assist is a game in which you, along with your alliance members, attempt to pass a ball down the court and throw it into the goal. As you might know, the past few years we have gone with a defensive robot design.  This build season, we have decided to go for a more aggressive approach.

Over the past two weeks, the build team has done two major things. First, they prototyped a vacuum system to pick up the balls. Secondly, they prototyped a shooting mechanism.  First, they attempted to prototype a mechanism where they could aim the ball without moving the robot. After that was unsuccessful, they decided to go simpler with a basketball-like shooting mechanism.  This mechanism is similar to a basketball shot because it has multiple stages. Stage one, the “elbow” lifts straight up. Stage two, the “wrist” launches the ball forward. This, double staged launching, makes it easier to overcome gravity and shoot higher.

The programming team has gotten a majority of the robot’s code in place, and started using a new command-based programming structure for the robot. This change has made programming the robot much easier, and allows them to have the robot do more complex actions with less effort. Because they have the majority of the code in place, they have started working on a vision processing system. This system allows them to hone in on the hot goal during autonomous, which offers additional points.

2014 Build Season

The FIRST FRC 2014 Challenge – Ariel Assist Begins!

Welcome to another year of robotics. We held our kickoff on January 4th.

2014 Kickoff begins for FIRST Robotics FRC Challenge. 12 Volt Bolt members view the event at Mt. Dora Bible School located in Lake County, Florida.

The Challenge this year looks interesting.

We are looking forward to a fun build season.

Week 4 2013 Build Season.

So far our team has completed several aspects of this years competition, each of our sub teams have been focusing on various aspects of the challenge in order to complete the robot as well as promote our team.

Mechanical Team:

So far in the Mechanical section of the team we have prototyped two frisbee launching ideas one was to actually launch the frisbees into the different level goals; the second idea for the frisbee mechanism is to simply just dump all of the frisbees in to the lower goal all at once. We have also designed our robot to be smaller then the maximum amount so we can maneuver around the field easily, this also will allow the robot to climb up onto the lower section of the pyramid. Another portion of the robot that has been completed is the electrical board, which is attached to the back of the robot by hinges so that we can easily access it in order to fix any problems that might occur with it.

Programming Team:

The Programming sub-team this year has configured a virtual robot simulator which allows them to prototype various aspects of the robot’s programming before the robot has been completed. One of the examples is that they where able to prepare the drive and controlling code.

Using the simulator, they were able to create a tank drive system that can utilize either our standard three joystick system or a single xbox controller. For this, they had to streamline the code design process with a unique xbox control system so that they can easily create controls for the robot using an xbox controller. This multiple option system on controls was created so that the drive team has options between how they want to drive the robot during any given match. Another aspect of driving functions is the autonomous controls, where the robot performs a given task on its own; the programming team created a compact and efficient system for allowing the robot to determine what task needs to be completed just by a particular data value being put in, this would allow for an adaptable autonomous that no matter where it was set up, could be configured to perform its task properly.

They established an interface to control pneumatics and solenoids of the robot as well as improved the runtime motor safety, which allows for if something does go wrong, to easily shut off the robot.

Public Relation Team:

The Public Relations (PR) team so far in this four weeks of the build season have created new button designs, T-shirt designs, and added new pictures into the team website gallery. The PR team has also updated content with in the website to make it more visually appealing to the viewers of the site and contain current information versus having outdated information about the team.