Aaron – Aaron is a sophomore team member from Mount Dora high school  He has jumped in and proven to be a valuable team player.  He is very involved with the mechanical team and is willing to help wherever needed. Aaron shows real leadership potential and we are happy to welcome him to our robotics family.


Ben V. – Ben is 15 and this is his third year on the team. He enjoys computer programming and is interested in learning how to use this skill for Robotics. Ben is a part of the Programming and Electrical teams, Co-Captain of the Safety team, and is the web designer for the team. He is a good public speaker who presents at team events and competitions.  He is a great asset to our team. His hobbies include playing computer games, drawing and Legos.

Brant – Brant is the Team Captain and Drive Coach. He also works with the electrical team. He’s been on the team for five years and previously spent three years as a member of the RoboMasters FLL Robotics team. Brant is a senior at Smith Preparatory Academy. His future college plans include earning a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and a M.S. in Biomedical Engineering.

Brendan – Brendon is a 16 year old team member from Mount Dora. He is an active member who is involved in the Mechanical and Electrical teams and is a great asset to the team.

Caitlin M. – Caitlin is a junior at Eustis High School.  Her skills in writing, organizing, public speaking and leadership make her a great fit for the Public Relations team.

Caleb – Caleb is a second-year member of the team.  He is a senior at Smith Preparatory Academy in Longwood. He is a valuable member of the Mechanical team and has served on the Drive team during the off-season events.


Chris –

Daetyn – Daetyn is a second-year team member from Mount Dora.  She is a member of the Programming team and also helps in Public Relations when needed.  Daetyn is willing to help wherever needed.

David – David came to our team with years of FLL experience in New York.  He is the captain of the Mechanical team and we are pleased to have him as part of our team.

Elizabeth B. 

Elizabeth M. 

Jon A. – Jon is a member from Mount Dora High School.  He is a great asset to our PR team and is an excellent photographer.  The team enjoys his creative spirit.

Levi – Levi has been on the team for four years. He is the team Programming Captain.  He is also the Co-Captain of the Safety Team.  Levi is taking on more responsibility as a team leader and is a key member of the team. He is providing computer programming training to our new team members.

Natalie – Natalie is a junior at Mount Dora High School and participates in several clubs including Key Club, Drama Club, SkillsUSA, Debate Club, of which she is the treasurer, and Marching Band, of which she is the color guard captain. Natalie has been on the team for two years and was previously involved in an FTC team. She is focusing on the Programming team but also helps with PR. She plans to major in Computer Engineering.

Nicholas – Nicholas is a junior from Volusia County. He was on FLL robotics team “The RoboMasters” for 5 years. This is his third year on team 1557. Nicholas is an experienced programmer who also plans to broaden his experience by working on the Electrical and Mechanical teams. Nicholas has taken on a lot of responsibility and is a key member of the team. He is the Mechanical team Captain and is also on the Drive team.

Skyler – Skyler is a sophomore at Mount Dora Christian Academy.  He is in Public Relations and also an active part of the Programming team.


Zachary  This is Zachary’s third year on the team. He is a senior at Pace-Brantley in Orlando.  He is one of the team’s co-drivers for competitions.  He participated for 3 yrs in FLL. In 2013, Zach placed 2nd in the Seminole County Science Fair for his Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) project. Zach is looking forward to being on Mechanical and Electrical teams. He is also very active in Boy Scouts, motorcycling, and hiking. Zach is becoming a key player on the team.