12 Volt Bolt Attended A Back To School Event

Eustis Community Outreach12 Volt Bolt attended a Back to School neighborhood health and resources outreach fair on August 18, 2012 .  The event took place at the Eustis Curtright 9th Grade Center, 2214 Bates Ave, Eustis, Florida.

The goal of the event was to provide a Saturday afternoon of back to school activities, health and employment information for the children and families of the Bates Avenue community.

12 Volt Bolt shared information about the STEM opportunities that are available to high school age students in the Lake County area. They also explained that our program offers more than robotics. It provides hands-on experience with electrical design, mechanical design, programming, web design, public relations, marketing, graphic arts, accounting, and most importantly, team work. FRC Team 1557 - 12 Volt Bolt team member gives lesson on how the electrical systems works.

Thomas Conrader said, “I liked watching the faces of the people when Bryan [team mentor] told them that the robot was made by high schoolers.”

It was fun to see how interested everyone was in the robot and the team. One of my favorite moments was watching Kevin Rice explain the electrical system of the robot to a 9th grade girl that is planning on taking an electronics class at Eustis High School this Fall. He talked to her for over 30 minutes.

As we left the building, we received a heartwarming round of applause and were assured by Devereaux Kids Community Facilitator, Emily A. Lee, that this is only the beginning of long relationship with their program and that she will be in touch with us again soon.Eustis Community Outreach Robot watching over the crowd

We had a nice time at the event. It was a wonderful opportunity for the team to reach out to the community and to share what FIRST Robotics is about. Several kids seemed to be very interested in our team, so hopefully we’ll have some new members show up at our next meeting scheduled for September 6th.

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