This Week In Robotics – September 10, 2012

Here are some of the top Robotics news stories for the week of September 10, 2012.

LS3 - Legged Squad Support Systems

Here is Boston Dynamics really cool “horse” robot – LS3 – Legged Squad Support Systems. Here is a video that shows it in action.




Get out and vote in the other fall election: Robot Hall of Fame opens voting to the public. Be sure to get your vote in for your favorite robot. Now is the time to vote. For more information, see the Ars Technica article. Voting ends September 30.


Local youth robotics program at CSC. This is news about a FIRST Robotics team in Galesburg, Ill. Glad to see other teams making it into their newspaper.


Shimi Robot DJEveryone needs a personal robot DJ. Shimi is one that you can buy and start enjoying your music along with your little robot friend.





The last story is about the BeBionic hand. This is a prosthetic hand that can help people who have lost their hand. Pretty cool stuff. Be sure to watch the video. Latest BeBionic hand has stronger kung-fu grip.


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