Build Season | Week 3

This past week mechanical has made great progress on the robot. While, programming has completed almost all of the code needed for the robot.


This past week programming has completed the code for ramp down firing.   They have also finished the code for ramp up driving.  Along with that, they have made some progress on automatic gear shifting (Last year driver would have to manually shift gears.)  One last major thing they have worked on is code using RoboRealm. RoboRealm is a vision processing software. We plan to use this to help the drivers align themselves when firing.


As was stated previously, mechanical has made major progress. First off, they have abandoned the double-staged shooting, as they have decided that a simpler firing mechanism is better.  Their main accomplishment last week was constructing a robot frame. They have mounted various objects onto the robot frame. They mounted the firing arm, vacuum arm, and other various components.

Also, the robot is able to fire into the high goal!


Electrical has finished  constructing a mock-up electrical board. After doing that, they started on making the real electrical board to mount onto the robot.


As a side note, PR has made major progress on the Chairman’s Award submission. So, hats off to them!


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