Team 1557 Build Season Summary

Week 1

  • Attended Kick-off and reviewed game video (at MDB)
  • Picked up and inventoried the Kit of Parts
  • Discussed game challenges and strategies
  • Brainstormed robot designs
  • Inventoried existing clubhouse tools and materials
  • Setup teams and facilities: PR, Programming, Electrical, Mechanical1(drivetrain) Mechanical2(arms/attachments), Mechanical3(pneumatics)
  • Constructed additional work table to facilitate multiple teams working concurrently at full production
  • Began field props construction


Week 2

  • Completed construction of field props
  • Continued brainstorming game strategies and robot designs (mecanum wheel design determination)
  • Determined basic drivetrain configuration (a result of off-season testing)
  • Reviewed new hardware documentation/configurations (eg. RoboRio and Talon SRX)
  • Began prototyping drivetrain assembly (nanotubes with wood framing)
  • Began prototyping mast and arm sub-assemblies
  • Brainstormed pneumatic solutions to support the arm prototypes
  • Completed electrical board prototype and handed-off to programming
  • Reviewed Chairman’s Award criteria and started mapping ideas for essays and video


Week 3

  • Electrical board prototype testing and configuration completed
  • Initial autonomous and Tele-op mode coding backgrounds completed
  • Drivetrain prototype completed and tested
  • Began programming tests with controllers and drivetrain prototype
  • Mast prototype completed (aluminum pipe tower with a chain drive trolley system for raising/lowering)
  • Continued to prototype arm subassemblies and supporting pneumatics
  • Reviewed new hardware documentation/configurations (eg. RoboRio and Talon SRX)
  • Basic drivetrain and chassis assembly tested and completed
  • Began Chairman’s Award Essays and reviewed team video footage of community outreach events
  • Continued discussing game strategies


Week 4

  • Completed electrical system transformation to final chassis
  • Continued testing and tweaking programming
  • Finalized mounting and securing of mast assembly to chassis
  • Robot drive capability testing and tweaking (video)
  • Final decision reached on arm assembly to be used (pneumatically-driven pinchers with fulcrums mounted to the trolley)
  • Arm assembly completed and mounted to the mast
  • Initial lifting capability testing started
  • Testing data reviewed and countermeasures suggested
  • Draft of Chairman’s Award essays completed
  • Video clips reviewed and organized


Week 5

  • Completed final electrical connection and configuration refinements
  • Completed final pneumatics mounting and routing
  • Completed chain-drive securing system (3D printed mounts for the channel)
  • First full-blown game simulation conducted (MDB)
  • Brainstormed ideas for securing the payload while the robot traverses the course
  • Prototyped payload securing mechanisms
  • Constructed upper-level arm assembly for securing payload during movement
  • Reviewed Youtube video of other teams’ designs and performance
  • Continued programming testing and tweaking
  • Chairman’s Award essays reviewed, edited and submitted


Week 6

  • Conducted additional full-blown game simulations
  • Tested all game-related capabilities including drive team, human player and pit crew
  • Identified potential performance issues and weakness
  • Completed final robot assessments and tweaking
  • Discussed additional game strategies
  • Conducted video interviews for Chairman’s Award video
  • Reviewed Youtube video of past Chairman’s Award video’s
  • Bagged and tagged robot (2/17/15 @ 7:30PM)

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