12 Volt Bolt team members include mentors, students, supporting partners, and alumni. Each member provides a vital role to the success of the team. As a collective, we thrive and succeed.

In 2010, the team theme was “I am the one”. The theme was intended to encourage members to recognize that as individuals, they can and do make a difference and that  every team member provides a unique and valuable service to the team and to society in general. To all team members:  “You Are the One”

Mentors consist of teachers from supporting schools, business professionals, community retirees, and volunteers. Mentors make up the bulk of the adult presence during the six week build season, and hold the responsibility of allowing the students every opportunity they need to learn and grow.

Students are the heart of our FIRST Robotics team. each student is a representative of their respective school. Students are responsible for the conception, design, and construction of the robot. They are also ultimately responsible for reaching build and award submission deadlines. All advertisement, to include logo, mascot, banners, and any multimedia is to be captured and recorded by the students.

The students are split into their different specialty groups called sub teams. Within these teams a team leader will be assigned. This team leader will have the responsibility of leading their group in accomplishing the weekly and daily goals and coordinating with all other sub teams to complete their responsibilities.

Supporting partners provide the financial, community, and in some cases, the moral support that the team needs to succeed. They may not be at meetings or even step foot in the clubhouse, but they are a valuable part of the team. Without their funding, support, and contributions, the team would cease to exist.

Alumni are perhaps the most vital part of the team. Since we stand on the shoulders of those that have come before us, we have great respect and appreciation for our alumni. Every person that is or was a member of the team, leaves a bit of himself or herself behind. The collective of their contributions becomes the legacy of 12 Volt Bolt.