FIRST Robotics Team 1557 “12 Volt Bolt” is an inclusive organization made up of students and their mentors from throughout Lake County, Florida. We promote science and technology while developing vital life, career, and leadership skills. We build robots, but we also build relationships. As we spread FIRST’s vision throughout our community, we ensure a stronger foundation for the future.

Our build team has two parts: the mechanical team and the electrical team. The mechanical team designs and builds the robot. The electrical team works with wiring and keeps the robot functioning.

The programming team programs the robot which tells what functions it needs to perform. The languages currently being used are Java and LabView.

Our web team keeps our web site in working order, making sure the team and others stay up to date. It is always a work in progress.

Our public relations team is in charge of raising money for the team, making presentation to local community groups, and raising interest in our team around the county.

Our newest team is marketing design. They design promotional materials such as flyers, buttons, t-shirts, and videos.