Below is some information on the technologies that we used to create this website.
In designing and programming this website, we wanted to make some of it “self updating”. By that, we mean we wanted the website to take advantage of technologies we were already using.

We wanted to promote our team and FIRST through using Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO promotes your website to appear when searching related topics by using keyword Meta tags. We also included keywords through out our content which promotes SEO farther by allowing search engine crawlers to find detail information about the website to determine what relative information is on the site for a given keyword. We also asked to astablish links to other teams and users to promote SEO by creating paths for Search Engine crawlers to find our website. To ask to astablish a link to our website please e-mail us

Since we already had a Google Calendar that we were using for our team, we thought it would be good to grab that information to automatically update our website. We found some information at James Cridland’s website that showed us how to use php to access the Google Application Programming Interface (API) to display the information on our website. We used the information we found as a starting point and modified it to meet our needs.

Our team uses Flickr to store some our favorite photos throughout the year. We thought it would be great to share those photos on our website. We found out that Flickr has an API too. We looked around and found information on how we could access the API to display our photos directly on our website. We started off at Mauro Pirrone’s Blog. They use a library to access the API, but we dug a little deeper and found that for our use, it was just as easy to access the API directly. We discovered some good information at emu marketing’s website and ended up basing our code off of what we found there.

For our gallery, we wanted to have the images clickable so they would display in a larger format on the same screen. We ended up using fancybox to accomplish our goal.

For our home page, we wanted to display a slideshow of images or our team along with quotes about what they get from being a member of the team or what they do for the team. We used a script from the jQuery slider called Nivo Slider.

For this resource page, we thought it would be fun to have a menu that would dynamically load articles when they are selected. We found some good information on how to use dynamic html at dhtmlgoodies.