Streetfest – August 3, 2012

We attended the Eustis Streetfest and it was a great success. Many people stopped by to see what we do. We hope some of them will show up to future meetings and join the team.

We had a TV showing clips of our robotics competitions from earlier this year. We also had Napoleon (our competition robot) and Volty (you all know who Volty is) out running around on the street greeting guests.

Streetfest - August 3, 2012

Even the dogs liked Volty. At fist, Volty was a little scared of the dogs, but after a while, he was chasing them down so he could pat them.

Streetfest - August 3, 2012


Volty Lives

Our wonderful mascot has been sitting in a corner for about a year or so. He has had some mechanical problems (or maybe electrical, or both). We have finally had some downtime to work on him.

Volty without his head

We are proud to announce that Volty lives again. We have fixed all his problems (ok, so maybe not his attitude) and he is in working order.

Volty after he was fixed

We are sure that Volty is very excited since that means that he will be able to join us on our outings into the community.