Streetfest – August 3, 2012

We attended the Eustis Streetfest and it was a great success. Many people stopped by to see what we do. We hope some of them will show up to future meetings and join the team.

We had a TV showing clips of our robotics competitions from earlier this year. We also had Napoleon (our competition robot) and Volty (you all know who Volty is) out running around on the street greeting guests.

Streetfest - August 3, 2012

Even the dogs liked Volty. At fist, Volty was a little scared of the dogs, but after a while, he was chasing them down so he could pat them.

Streetfest - August 3, 2012


Off-season Update: May 3, 2012

We are now in the fifth week of our 2012 off season!

During the off season so far, we have dissemble robots from past years games and organized the pit area so that we have a safe work area for the build season.

We are trying to fix up our team mascot, Volty, so that he will be able to attend FIRST Robotics competitions, regionals, and local events, such as the Eustis Street Fest, to get parents and children into learning about science, technology, and robotics.

We would like to invite students in high school to get involved in FIRST robotics teams, either with our team or a team near them.