Robot Update!

It is halfway through the FIRST Robotics Competition build season! We are making great headway with our robot here at our Clubhouse in Lake County, Florida. We programmed the robot and got the pneumatic system working so we are able to shift. Daniel, our programming team captain, has worked on a balancing algorithm for our robot. He explains it by saying, “When the angle of the bridge changes, the robot goes in the opposite direction and goes slower as the sin keeps changing. We have a dampening function that uses the rate of change of the angle to stop overshooting the goal of balancing the bridge.” We are looking forward to the FRC Regional Competitions in March!

First Week

12 Volt Bolt has had an awesome first week of build season! Thanks to the hard work of the mechanical and engineering teams, our robot is running! The PR/Business team changed our website over to WordPress (as you can see). It is much more convenient when it comes to staying connected. Along with the modified website, we linked our existing Twitter and Facebook accounts, and created a Foursquare and Tumblr. Along with our hard work, the team has been having a lot of fun. Photographer, Freddie Lopez, documented our progress yesterday for a spread in Lake and Sumter Style Magazine. Our wonderful parents brought in some delicious lunches to keep us fueled. The team has written and performed several raps (one even features Head Mentor, Dave Owen!) which can be viewed on our YouTube channel.