Streetfest – August 3, 2012

We attended the Eustis Streetfest and it was a great success. Many people stopped by to see what we do. We hope some of them will show up to future meetings and join the team.

We had a TV showing clips of our robotics competitions from earlier this year. We also had Napoleon (our competition robot) and Volty (you all know who Volty is) out running around on the street greeting guests.

Streetfest - August 3, 2012

Even the dogs liked Volty. At fist, Volty was a little scared of the dogs, but after a while, he was chasing them down so he could pat them.

Streetfest - August 3, 2012


Robot Update!

It is halfway through the FIRST Robotics Competition build season! We are making great headway with our robot here at our Clubhouse in Lake County, Florida. We programmed the robot and got the pneumatic system working so we are able to shift. Daniel, our programming team captain, has worked on a balancing algorithm for our robot. He explains it by saying, “When the angle of the bridge changes, the robot goes in the opposite direction and goes slower as the sin keeps changing. We have a dampening function that uses the rate of change of the angle to stop overshooting the goal of balancing the bridge.” We are looking forward to the FRC Regional Competitions in March!

Kiwanis Presentation

This afternoon four of our team members stepped out of the Clubhouse and ventured into the Lake County community! They attended the Mt. Dora Kiwanis meeting and showed a PowerPoint about our team and FIRST, describing to the Kiwanis members what the program is all about. Topics included this year’s challenge, Gracious Professionalism, our FTC season, and our great mentors! After the presentation, we ran our FTC robot! The Kiwanis members seemed very interested and a PC was donated to us by Mr. DeMarco. Thank you to the Mt. Dora Kiwanis for giving us such a great opportunity!